Bat Company playersAt The Bat Company our mission is to make the game of baseball and softball as much fun as possible, while learning the proper fundamentals it takes to be a successful player who has the passion for the game. We understand that there is not just one way to play the game and that each individual player brings his or her own uniqueness to the game. Our goal is to take that individual talent and style to the next level. We believe that having knowledge of mechanics and mass repetition are the keys to success. We all know adversity is a major player in the game of baseball and softball, with failure coming to every player. Our mission is to give the athlete tools to gain mental toughness, teach knowledge and focus, while increasing the player’s physical ability. With lessons and opportunities to be a part of our baseball and softball teams at The Bat Company, you will gain the knowledge necessary to be a successful player and will “Catch the Passion.”