Key Areas Taught at The Bat Company


Infield play: Defense wins ball games!  The Bat Company has a full turf outdoor infield to teach key areas needed to build a sound defensive player.




IMG_5702Pitching: The staff focuses first and foremost on the mechanics of pitching. Proper mechanics lead to consistency and help prevent injury. Advanced players have the opportunity to learn not only proper mechanics, but the mental approach to pitching as well.




IMG_0010-Hitting: A major league approach to hitting from former and current professional players. Our staff brings years of professional baseball & softball experience. Fundamentals of hitting for the beginner to the advanced player are taught, along with the mental approach of each individual at bat.




IMG_5498Instructors and Coaches: Our instructors and coaches are not only athletes who have reached the highest levels, but are truly stewards and teachers of the game. The Bat Company staff appreciates and values the opportunity to pass on the knowledge that was given to us in our formative years. Our staff brings a passion for the game to all of our students.