Training with Garrett Patterson

garrettGarrett attributes his ability to train players from many influences, throughout his years as a player and trainer. At age 11, he became connected with Bill Stubbs, former LA Dodger scout, who is nationally recognized as one of the best infield trainers in America. Hundreds of “Stubby” infielders have played collegiate/professional baseball. After learning “latin actions” and understanding what MLB scouts look for Garrett began training infielders/hitters under Stubbs.  Even at the young age of 13 he was training players much older than himself. After making the decision to end his career as a player after his junior year in college, he began training players full time. Even all throughout his playing career, he worked at numerous baseball facilities, Stubby Camps, and as a private trainer. Although only 27 years old, he has been training athletes  for over 14 years and has helped numerous athletes them get to the next level. Garrett specializes in teaching hitting and infield. As a player, Garrett played middle infield at Kentridge High School, Area Code Games, University of Nevada, Bellevue College and LC State.



Training sessions vary from private workouts, two-on-one sessions, group training, or camps. You will see the passion and high energy he brings to the table. His ability to communicate in different ways to the ballplayer, allows for easy understanding and quick growth. With an up-tempo atmosphere, but attention to detail focus, Garrett finds ways to motivate/challenge players 6 years old up through professional baseball players. He balances breaking a player down mentally with building them back up through encouragement. Also possessing the ability to physically demonstrate, this gives the player a quick look as to how something should be performed. Slow motion video analysis will also be utilized during training. Players should be ready to be pushed past their normal capabilities.

Influences on his approach to training:
  • Bill Stubbs (former LA Dodger Scout, infield/hitting trainer)
  • Ron Hopkins (Scouting supervisor Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • Steve Avila (former Cleveland Indians Scout)
  • Jay Uhlman (Assistant Coach University of Oregon)
  • Ed Cheff (Hall of Fame Lewis Clark State Head Coach)
  • Jeff Cirillo (former All-Star Colorado Rockies, Seattle Mariners)
  • Donnie Marbut (former WSU Cougar Head Coach)
  • Justin Fuller (former LA Dogders organization)
  • Alan Balmer (LC State Assistant Coach)
  • Jason Ellison (Former SF Giants, Seattle Mariners, Phillies)
  • Mark Yoshino (Bellevue College Head Coach)
  • Derek Jennings (trainer/coach NPA, Wilson High School Head Coach)
  • John Flanigan (Kentridge High School Head Coach)
  • Mason Tobin (former Texas Rangers, Kentridge HS)
  • Steven Souza Jr. (current Tampa Bay Rays)
  • Marcus Faulkner (Skagit Valley CC, Rijo Athletics, Bat Company)
  • Steven Finch (Diamond Sports Training Center)
  • Jose Rijoberger, Troy Silva, James Jeske (Rijo Athletics)
  • Dave Smart (Rock Creek Baseball Training Center)
  • Darryl Sakamoto (Taylor Baseball)
  • Aaron Horrocks (Rips Baseball)
  • Kevin Miller (Bellevue College Assistant Coach, former University of Washington)

IMG_0499You can follow Garrett on Instagam @unique_showtime

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